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THIS post has been one I have wanted to put up for a while now, as I feel it is not spoken about enough online in a more realistic way, and as one who has quit social media (excluding my blog one which I very rarely use), I wanted to voice my concerns about the effects of social media on not just young people but everyone, and try and persuade you to consider it. Daunting this may sound I know, but honestly the positive effect it has had on my life is something I really wanted to share as since quitting social media my life has been SO much better overall.

So first let’s talk about social media in general. How can we think that posting photos, videoing snippets of our day and viewing the same of others literally 24/7 be healthy? Why have we suddenly become obsessed with what our friends are doing every minute of every day even though we see them daily whether that be at school or work? I found that having Instagram and Snapchat at first was something I used about once a day, but this rapidly grew to the point where I was refreshing every 5 minutes, to the point where it was distracting me from my work, my family and life in general. This may sound dramatising to you in the very least but I only realised this once I quit social media. The constant need to be updated with ‘news’ of celebrities I actually didn’t really like became ridiculous, and seeing other people I knew personally, unashamedly showing off their new partners and fantastic lifestyles (which I now realise weren’t really) only seemed to leech the happiness out of me throughout the day without me really realising it… this probably doesn’t make any sense but it was what was happening to me, and I am sure it is happening to millions of others and they don’t realise it yet. Hell, that might be happening to you right now!

I realised that social media such as Instagram also provided the opportunity for young people particularly who were already very confident which was great, to gain a cocky and self-absorbed attitude, their feed being literally filled with them at parties dressing inappropriately illustrating their lavish social lifestyle. Now, I personally am fully aware that a lot of my friends go to lots of parties and as one who is not really into that sort of thing, on Saturday night when I am watching strictly come dancing with my family, I don’t feel guilty or pressured to live a more adventurous party-hard lifestyle. However when I did have social media and regularly saw blurred images of disco lights and snapchats of my peers at huge house parties, I hated myself. I hated how I was so unsocial in that aspect and genuinely thought of myself as a boring person with no life. This is obviously not true but this is what social media made me think.

On a more positive note, quitting social media has been fantastic. Now, I don’t use my phone half as much, am focused waaaay more on work, actually talk to my parents more, and am most importantly happier. When I go out with friends or family I don’t automatically think what to snapchat or instagram- whether it would fit my feed, whether it would look stupid and how many likes I would get, I just have a good time. Now I am going to be honest sometimes I go on my friend’s snapchat just to look at the new filters and fill their story with loads of ugly selfies (sorry Rubab), and my blog insta of course but other than that I do not use social media ( I text but I don’t think that counts lol).

If you are thinking of quitting social media but is so addicted to it – it is hard but don’t make it too hard on yourself, delete one social media app at a time one month or two apart- there is no rush!

If you have anything you want to say on the topic of social media please leave your comment below!

Bye for now 😉

(Photo from Marketing Land)


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