6 Winter Favourites…

These are my top 6 Winter favourites!


As it is nearly December, of course I am fully in the Christmas mood, and what better Christmas film to watch than Home Alone? If you haven’t watched this film then… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?564564465.png


The Mint Hot Chocolate from Costa is hands down the best seasonal drink this year for me but the Honeycomb Latte is also really good. I’m sorry but the Starbucks seasonal drinks do not compare to Costa’s (maybe except for the Pumpkin Spice Latte but that drink is literally out of this world.) As you can tell I take my hot drinks very seriously, I mean what else is gonna get me through the huge amount of revision A Levels brings?main-pic.jpg


During this time of the year, I tend to eat out a lot more and waste a lot of money on food, but I mean, I have to eat right? Anyhoo I have been loving the Calzone in Pizza Express, which is available throughout the year but it should be waaaaay more popular than it is in my opinion so had to give it a shoutout – it’s basically a pizza wrapped in half filled with cheese and cured meats – sorry if your vegan!


I recently read How Geese don’t Get Obese by Eric P. Widmaier which is a non-fiction book about animals and how they have adapted to survive today. I don’t usually read non fiction books as it honestly sounds boring, however as I am doing Biology A Level it is super important to read around the subject so if you are doing Further Education in Biology I HIGHLY recommend this book, it is really easy to read yet is so informative and all factually correct


The BodyShop Tea Tree 3-in-1 Wash Scrub Mask has to be my favourite Body Shop product. I am going to be honest, I naturally have clear skin and rarely get spots but this is still really helpful as it keeps my skin soft and glowing. During the winter months my skin can get quite dry but since I started using this I have found that my skin is ALWAYS soft and ALWAYS without spots, so I think it is safe to say this product is winner. tea-tree-3-in-1-mask_l


Vermont in North America is just beautiful during the winter months, and even though it has been a while my memories of skiing on the highest slopes of Vermont with my friends is one I will treasure forever.IMG_0203.jpg

So those are my top 6 favs for Autumn/Fall, let me know in the comments if you share my favourites or have any of your own of the like!

Bye for now 😉


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