Winter Book Recommendations…

Even though I haven’t spoken a lot about my personal hobbies, but on the top of my favourites is reading. Everything about reading a good book with a cup of tea in a quiet room just appeals to me, it lets me forget my daily stresses and struggles and cliche though it may sound, it lets me tune into another world. I love to read a variety of books from the classics like Wuthering Heights to more modern books such as the amazing Gone Girl. The books featured below are a few I have read recently which have really made an impact on me, and are all of a variety of genres so hopefully you feel inspired to pick up a copy of one of these the next time you are in a library or bookshop!

Why Geese don’t get Obese (and We Do) – Eric P Widmaier

This non fiction book is ideal for those studying Biology or have an avid interest in the mammalian body. I particularly liked this book as not only was everything factually correct, but it was written in an easy to understand way as it delves into the differences between humans and other mammals as well as reasons we as humans have the adaptations we have (as a Yr 12 A Level Bio student it was easy to interpret information), yet it was not so simple that I got bored, the abundance of humour along with fascinating facts made this book a delight to read, however I WOULD NOT recommend this book if you find Biology topics boring obviously as the premise of the book is human Biology.

The Lie – C L Taylor

Starkly different to the previous book in my recommendations, The Lie is a fast paced thriller, based on character Jane Hughes, a young woman living in rural Wales, who hides a dark secret involving 4 of her other then-best friends which happened on holiday, a secret which has now come back threatening to ruin her new life. Even though the plot line may sound a bit weak, the truth behind what happened on that holiday is MAD, and I found it so original I knew I had to include this book in the recommendations. The characters are raw and realistic, and there is no clear protagonist or antagonist which I quite liked.

Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte

I am going to be honest… I have only seriously started reading the classics in the past year as the old fashioned language and speech proved difficult to truly understand but I persevered from the summer onwards and this was the first book I picked up. And. I loved it. This book is set in rural Yorkshire, following the progression of a significantly dysfunctional family following the adoption of 7yr old homeless boy Heathcliff. Reading of the complex and raw relationship between Catherine and Heathcliff was frustratingly emotional to say the least. I liked how there wasn’t really a happy every after at the end (twisted though that may sound) because to be honest life isn’t always that picturesque. The book is quite hard to read if you normally read modern fiction but if you want to challenge yourself this book is a good one to read!

Confessions of a Shopaholic – Sophie Kinsella

This book is one of my all time favourites, and one I regularly come back to for a guaranteed laugh. It follows hilarious, realistic and complete shopaholic Becky Bloomwood who rapidly loses control of her life as her credit card bills mount up, and has to sort out her love life, finance and relationships with family and friends. It is super easy to read, a short read filled with really real characters and I love the motto that comes with reading the book; to always be persevering in times of trouble, no matter how bad they may be.

All of the opinions above are of course my own and just one opinion! If you have read any of these books I would love to hear your opinion on it be it positive or negative, or if you have any recommendations of your own I would love to hear from you; just let me know in the comments below 🙂

Bye for now 😉


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