Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017…

I think it is safe to say this year has been strange… Donald Trump became the President of the United States of America (still in shock to be honest), and the war in Syria. Personally this year has not been good for me which makes this year as a whole even more surreal in terms of how bad it has been. And if you have had a particularly rough year, whether it has been because of family issues or with friends and peers, know you are NOT alone.  There are at least 7 billion people in the world, and at least one other person is going through a similar situation. I know a lot of people say this when you are having a hard time but it is true.

If this year was great for you personally that’s fantastic! But regardless of how 2016 was for you, know 2017 is a new year, another year to try new things, find a hobby, go to different clubs at school/university. Don’t let what has happened in the past get you down, there is literally no point as what is done is done, you can’t change it now. What you can do is learn from your mistakes, fundraise, help others and start fresh! If you have any plans for 2017 I would love to know, whether it be try a new sport or help out a sibling more often; let me know in the comment section!

Bye for now 😉



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