Organised Mind, Organised Life…

As it is now 2017, a brand new year after seeing lots of blog posts and youtubers talk about their new years resolutions, the usual, eat healthier and be more organised shizzle, I wanted to talk about how I am planning to be more organised this year, as it seems everyone I know struggles with being organised day to day which is normal but something that has to be kept in check. I’ve always had this motto in my head which has told me that being organised leads to success, particularly in work or school so I like to think I am organised enough to be able to give you guys some tips! These are applicable to if you are at school/uni/college or work.


I have owned a planner since I was 11 years old and honestly I don’t know what I would do without it. You don’t have to get an expensive Erin Condren Life Planner as such as I think that is simply a WASTE of money, but ideally you would get a planner with enough space for you to write homework/assignments day to day. I use an A5 planner with week spreads rather than month spreads simply as it means I get more space to write with. Not only do I write the hw I get, but also test dates, important websites to follow, as well as reminders for extracurricular activities, which is SO HELPFUL.  I have seen Bullet Journals floating around Youtube and multiple bloggers touch on it, but I simply integrate that system into my planner as it’s easier for me that way (I like having just one book to refer to for my schedule)), but it is worth looking up. I recommend looking at youtuber ‘studyign’ for more info, her tips on studying are amazinggg.


At the end of every week, flip through all of your subject folders/books and get rid of unwanted scraps of paper, and take out old notes and file them away. That way in case you lose your folders you haven’t lost all of your notes, and it makes them easier to carry every day! I also put my revision notes on each topic for each subject in separate ringbinder folders.


By this I mean not only revise more efficiently (more info on my Revision Techniques post)   but also find what techniques work best for you. Even if you did come out with good grades last year, that does not necessarily mean you can’t broaden your mind and find new and innovative ways to study, you never know as it might work out more efficient for you!


Whilst some people’s mental health is great and they regularly meditate, do yoga etc etc, that’s not the case for quite a lot of people, me included. Regardless of how many meditation apps and nature sounds I listen to I simply can’t just sit and focus on my breathing. However I’ve found that just because I don’t do yoga or meditate…like ever, doesn’t mean my mental health is suffering. If like me you don’t do anything like this day to day, you can still achieve the same sense of calm, peace and mental organisation. Simply spend half an hour each day doing something you love…which doesn’t involve the internet. This could be reading that book you have been meaning to read for the last two years, running, drawing or painting if you love art. If you don’t seem to know what your hobby is, that’s fine! If anything that’s great actually, this means you can start now, yes NOW trying out different things. The important thing is that you MAKE time to do something you love every SINGLE day. If you feel you don’t have time…just stop. Waking up half an hour earlier than usual won’t kill you, nor will going to sleep half an hour later than usual.

Let me know what your tips are for organising your school/worklife, and if you intend on trying any of these!

Bye for now 😉


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