Book Review : Pride and Prejudice…


Pride and Prejudice is a love story between much beloved character Elizabeth Bennet and brooding Mr Darcy, perfectly illustrated in 18th century countryside. I really liked the female characters in Pride and Prejudice, particularly Jane and Elizabeth as whilst they were grounded and intelligent, they were also light hearted and didn’t take everything so seriously like Mary did. But my favourite character had to be Lydia as she was so complex! I was completely under the impression that Lydia was weak and uninteresting, and very childish full stop. I had no idea that there was more to her, that she would betray her family in such a rash and bold way – I had no idea she had it in her which was an interesting surprise, and made the novel even more interesting to read – as I think if this did not happen the novel would be the typical boy-meets-girl love story. However one thing I didn’t like was the part when Mr Darcy spoke so rudely about Elizabeth’s family to her face – but I think it was important he did so as they had to get over the conflict they had in order to fall for one another. Whilst many swoon over Mr Darcy’s brooding, reserved attitude I personally don’t think it particularly appealing, but it did add to his character and made him more interesting than Mr Bingley – who I though was possibly the most boring character I have ever come across, possibly because he seemed too perfect and gentleman-like!

So all in all, I did like the novel it was entertaining, light-hearted and adorable however I definitely do not think it to be her best, so I will have more reviews for Austen novels coming up! I recommend this novel to those who want to expand their love of reading past Twilight and The Fault in Our Stars, or anyone who loves the classics!

Bye for now 😉



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