May – June Music Favs…

You can obviously tell that I have had a bit of a dry spell in terms of blog posts. Whilst I could make an excuse as to why I haven’t been posting regularly, I don’t want to. What I will do is just let you know now that I do not intend to be a regular blogger. I do this as a hobby and don’t exactly have a massive following I need to creatively ‘feed’ on the regular, so I don’t want to put unnecessary stress on myself by forcing myself to put up content I am not happy with all the time. However I CAN promise that in August/September I will be uploading a Holiday Look book (and food favs) as I am going to Sri Lanka AND Hong Kong with family so I’ll have lots to share. But for today I am giving you an insight into what I’ve been loving to listen to atm…

  1. Craft Spells – Party Talk//After the Moment

I love the summer feeling I get when I listen to Craft Spells, his music is just so happy and upbeat and no joke I’ve been listening to these songs NON-STOP.

2.  Hippo Campus – simple season

I’ve heard of Hippo Campus a couple of times and they came up on my recommended a lot recently so I decided to give their latest album a listen. Ok, I’m not going to lie… I wasn’t necessarily in love with every single song but. BUT. ‘simple season’. Is GROOVY. Fun melodies, interesting lyrics what’s not to love??

3. Varsity – So Sad, So Sad

Please appreciate the album art just as much as the song itself. That’s all I have to say about that the song literally speaks for itself (no…ok I’ll leave now).

4. Willow – Wait a Minute!

Yes it is Willow as in Willow Smith. As in ‘Whip ya hair’ girl daughter-of-will-smith. She released an album and her sound is so authentic so I would definitely check it out.

5. Viola Beach – Swings and Waterslides

The way I heard about this band was really depressing tbh – they died in a tragic car accident with their manager in 2016,  which obviously raised their name all over the news, media etc, which is how I came across the band.

So those are a handful of artists and songs I have been listening to on repeat for the past month-ish so be sure to give them a listen and let me know what you think!

Bye for now 😉



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